"The instructor at Learn Piano Live is a highly skilled professional. He is consistent with his teaching styles but can adapt to meet all of his students needs. I would highly recommend Mr. Coller to teach anyone. It would make a great birthday or xmas gift."
- Liz E.


"Our daughter constantly surprises us with the things she's able to play! Thank you, LearnPianoLive for bringing out her talent!"
- Angie T.


"I wouldn't send my kids anywhere else.  Great instruction from a caring teacher."
- Engel A.


"I like it enough to pay for it, so yeah, I'd recommend it!  It's definitely worth it."
- Roberto C.


"My son's love going to Jamin's each week. He inspires them to keep practicing and to get better."
- Mike L.


"He was the first teacher who understood...I just wanted to enjoy my keyboard. The lessons are enjoyable and enlightening."
- Anne S.


"I love my lessons!  I look forward to my lesson each week.  Thank you, LearnPianoLive!"
- Eric A.


"I've recommended this to so many of my friends!"
- Ruth T.


"He has a lot of cool ways to explain things for piano. After every time I go for a lesson, I'm super happy and can't wait for the next lesson. I would recommend Learn Piano Live to anyone wanting to learn piano!"
- Brandon M.


"You won't forget what you learn from Jamin!"
- Arissa S.


"I'm learning how to play all kinds of cool songs!"
- Ethan B.


"Yep. He's awesome and he can answer all my questions."
- Santiago C.


"LPL is an awesome value. My son loves learning piano I think in large part due to the non-linear method they use"
- Christy J.


"...not only a great musician, but a really good teacher!"
- Carly H.


"When I have any questions about reading music or playing, he answers it in a way that I completely understand it."
- Jake R.


"My kids even love to log on early to catch the inspiring music."
- Sarah D.


"I have a 5 year old and a 9 year old learning music with Jamin. I plan to start my three year old as soon as he is ready! They absolutely love learning piano! Jamin's ability to capture their attention is amazing!"
- Shannon S.


"I am looking at my piano in a whole new way. He took all the pieces I already knew and put them together so it all made sense."
- Chris W.


"...a really lot of stuff for $20! Yeah - I'd recommend it!"
- Jedi A.


"Jamin's great - he's just great. You've got to check this out. He can really help you learn and be inspired!"
- Susie B.


"This is my third attempt at formal lessons for piano and Jamin has an uncommonly professional setup. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares alot or a little of his skillset when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps alot too. Highly recommended."
- Brandon K.


"Fantastic! Extremely patient - my daughter loves it!"
- Cindy E.


"Jamin has a really well-rounded approach."
- Jeff R.


"I get lessons 3 times a week, and it's so convenient. I don't have to get out and drive to the studio, plus I get to learn on my own piano."
- Theresa S.


"Piano lessons are fun with Jamin, not a chore! :)"
- Drina D.


"An excellent teacher who understands everything I've thrown at him!"
- Craig S.


"I always have so much fun at the lesson.  Piano is one of my favorite things to do now!"
- Kendra D.


"I've had a lot of fun learning from Jamin and I don't plan to quit any time soon!"
- Vince B.


"My child can't wait for his lesson each week! Kids learn songs that they like and enjoy practicing. These music lessons are priceless - they are life lessons. I know my child will always think of Jamin as "the BEST teacher EVER!"."
- Caryn B.


"This is way better than the last time I took lessons! My teacher cares about what I care about - even outside the lesson."
- Devyn S.


"I used to take in-person lessons, but I don't need them anymore because this is WAY better"
- Lisa E.


"Our son has been taking lessons for 3 1/2 years and I love to hear him play!  Jamin is excellent, adapting to the needs of the individual student and they way the learn.  He understands the student, their needs, and encourages them to the best of their ability."
- Yvonne M.


"I would recommend Jamin as a young, enthusiastic musician who gives energy to his students and keeps them engaged."
- Mary T.


"It's so convenient! I don't have to get out and drive to the studio, plus I get to learn on my own piano."
- Diane U.

Little Black Bats

"Thanks for taking our band to the next level!"
- Lead singer for "Little Black Bats"


"This is exactly what we have been looking for!  Lessons are in my home, and we have a caring teacher!"
- Zach H.


"Jamin is a very engaging and very understanding young man. He is not only a talented musician, but also a great teacher. He has listened to everything I wanted from the classes and everything I like and struggle with and every time we meet he has something new to teach me and finds a way to customize it to my needs. I love my piano classes!"
- Omar S.


"I just wrote my first song...and it's good, thanks to LearnPianoLive!"
- Donovan S.


"Jamin is very engaging and a lot of fun to learn from."
- Lori V.


"I had a lot of fun performing in the recital."
- Zack R.


"We love to show up early and practice until the lesson starts."
- Alex and Bailey D.


"Jamin is inspiring and challenges his students to raise the bar on their own personal expectations!"
- Ed J.

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