How It Works

All you have to do is request the skill you wish you had from our Musicpedia skills list. Our genius programming monkeys will then find your requested skill in the Musicpedia, which is basically a family tree-style skills list the size of Texas, where every skill is linked to the other prerequisite skills. We then send you just the exact videos, play-alongs and print-outs you will need to accomplish your goals. Whenever you change your mind or find something else to learn, just send another request and you'll get your new materials delivered to you at no extra charge. It's like your own custom piano course personalized for just your goals.



Music teachers have been able for centuries to sell the idea that there is a "right way" to learn the piano. The truth is that there are all kinds of ways to approach music, or any other language. Fortunately, YouTube is putting terrible, pretentious teachers out of work in all kinds of fields by allowing anyone to access any information at any point in their journey. The only problem is that the exact video you find usually assumes you have some necessary skill you don't have yet. But the only other option has been to sign up for an entire piano course full of boring lessons you don't care about in order to finally arrive at that one thing you wanted in the first place. Musicpedia is our way of making sure you get the skill you want without the boring stuff you don't absolutely need.



Musicpedia definitely has a specific audience. Some people like the comfort of being told what is the "right thing" to learn, and they want to learn it in the "right order". For these people, another resources such as Klopol Academy will ensure a well-rounded approach to the instrument, and insure their educational path is similar and superior to other traditionally trained musicians. But other people just see life as an experiment and find themselves jumping around from one thing to the next, picking up a wide range of skills everywhere they go. That is the group that will most benefit from Musicpedia. It's exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, with the added insurance of success. It's piano lessons for those who know precisely what they want out of thier piano lessons.



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