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We will make the music fit the instruments, not the other way around.  Students can learn on any instrument you have or can borrow or rent. Tim's music is a common place to rent, and usually help students pick out an instrument too.  The factors in instrument selection are (1) what you have access to and (2) what your student is interested in playing and (3) what kind of instrument presents the kinds of challenges your student will most easily overcome.  When selecting an instrument, consider:

Brass (metal mouthpiece like trumpet, french horn, etc) are easy to make a sound on, but hard to control the sound. 

Woodwinds (reed on the mouthpiece like sax, clarinet, oboe but also flute, which has no reed) are hard to make good sounds on, but easy to control the sound. 

Guitars (electric, bass, ukulele) are painful and require muscle development, but the threshold for sounding proficient is pretty low after that.  They look super cool to carry around.

Strings (violin, cello) are initially awkward to maneuver, hard to make a good sound on and also hard to control, but more organic and versatile than most other instruments.

Piano has the lowest threshold for making and controlling sound and low on pain and awkwardness, but it takes longer to sound proficient and is nearly impossible to move around.

Drums/percussion are fun to hit, but don't get as much playing time since each band usually only needs a couple (we'll deal with however many we have).  Sadly, most of your skills don't really transfer to any other instrument you pick in the future, so most professional drummers end up having to learn another instrument anyway in order to communicate with other musicians, but you can practice nearly anywhere as long as you have sticks and if you can do tricks with the sticks, you'll be in the cool club forever. WEAR. EAR. PROTECTION.  You won't be young forever.


Bring your instrument (if you have one) and a dedicated folder or binder (if you have one...and if you have a decorated one, even better!) and a pencil (surely you have one of those) with you on Tuesday September 17th at 7:30 am to room 23 and let's start making plans and playing notes


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