Learn Piano Live Program Updates

Version updates for the Learn Piano Live site and associated programs

Thanks to your suggestions, we're always changing for the better. We hope it never stops! Let us know your ideas...

March 2019

  • Discounts for multiple month subscriptions are now available. View the discounts here
  • All Kids and Adult archives are updated for Safari browsers
  • Kids archive duplicates removed, leaving on the most recent broadcast versions of each song
  • The Jazz idioms course now includes 
  • The Using Chords course in the Chords section now includes "Dominant Chords"
  • The Ear Training section now includes "Hearing Chords"
  • "Song Breakdowns" now include the PDFs and MP3s in the description tab of each lesson

February 2019

  • We are continuing the updates on all 1,780 downloads for students using Safari
  • The kids' "Daily Challenge", rankings, and schedule are now included in the Student Zone
  • Klopol Academy's repertoire is now available as a separate download in each level
  • The prerecorded "Chestnuts Roasting" tutorial and reharm lessons are now uploaded
  • All broken video links for Song Breakdowns are restored
  • Clearer instructions are listed on the kids' daily challenge