As we all move at an anxious pace to find virtual activities for our kids, don't rule out music in your hunt! In fact, music has been found to be a great way to bring calm and joy and promote closeness...exactly what we need in times like these!

Join us for WEEKLY, LIVE Online, music classes with Mr. Jamin.

You will receive a link to join the Zoom group at the time of lesson. Spaces in the class are limited so snag yours now!


Mondays @ noon pacific: Piano for 7-12 year olds - we'll learn a new song every week and you'll get PDF with the song at YOUR level and a play-along track to help you practice throughout the week!


Tuesdays @ noon pacific: Piano for 13 and up - jam session and music theory:  You'll learn how to improvise, play chords, and play in any key!  


Thursdays @ noon pacific: Drums for 7-12 year olds (no drums required) - if you can break a couple branches off your backyard tree, you have everything you need to practice and emerge from this quarantine as a rock star drummer!  We'll learn beats and rhythms and fills and paradiddles!  Even if you can only play on your kitchen table or your mom's old pots and pans or an old bucket or even the ground, drumming is about teaching your limbs to move, so we can learn to be great and have a ton of fun doing it!


Fridays @ 1:30 pacific: Guitar for 10-17 year olds - For beginners and intermediate players, we're going to learn about chords and strumming patterns and rhythms and solos!  If you're an advanced player, you'll get your custom assignments too!  We've all got things to learn and we're going to have a great time doing that together!

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