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Live Lessons

Live Lessons

Adults & Kids programs; live piano lesson broadcasts each time the counter above hits zero.



Laser-focused custom courses designed to get you to your goals as quickly as possible with no extra work

Klopol Piano Academy

Klopol Piano Academy

Be prepared to enter any elite music college as a jazz or classical piano major in this well-rounded, step-by-step classical approach.

Milestones Music

Milestones Music

(Separate subscription)
For those who prefer traditional lessons to an online program: Weekly private lessons with Jamin over Skype.

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Non-Linear Piano Light

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"He was the first teacher who understood...I just wanted to enjoy my keyboard. The lessons are enjoyable and enlightening."

"My child can't wait for his lesson each week! Kids learn songs that they like and enjoy practicing. These music lessons are priceless - they are life lessons. I know my child will always think of Jamin as "the BEST teacher EVER!"."

"Our daughter constantly surprises us with the things she's able to play! Thank you, LearnPianoLive for bringing out her talent!"

"I've had a lot of fun learning from Jamin and I don't plan to quit any time soon!"

"This is my third attempt at formal lessons for piano and Jamin has an uncommonly professional setup. Jamin keeps it positive and graciously shares alot or a little of his skillset when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. And he doesn't mind repeating himself, which helps alot too. Highly recommended."

"I just wrote my first song...and it's good, thanks to LearnPianoLive!"

Imagine Your Life With Piano:

- Sit down and play for your own enjoyment

- Impress your friends

- Lower your stress level

- Fill your free time with a meaningful hobby

- Express yourself creatively whenever you want

- Escape completely from politics and life drama

- Play along with the radio

- Join a church or community band

- Lead sing-alongs with your friends

- Play songs at Christmas 

- Interact with other musicians

- Read sheet music

- Improve your singing skills


Included in every subscription are all 3 parts of the site: Live Lessons, Klopol Piano Academy, and Musipedia (Custom Courses). You can use them all or one at a time - they all include the necessary skills of reading sheet music playing by ear, and theory. And they all include as much personal feedback on your playing as you want.  They all start at the very beginning - absolutely no experience necessary - and they all are self-paced to build on previous lessons:


The LIVE LESSONS are the quickest path to playing a song.  Chat with the family of other aspiring pianists and privately ask your questions for the instructor as you learn to play at your level. Plus, there are hundreds of past live lessons in our growing archives!


The MUSIPEDIA (custom courses) allows you to pick a skill you want to learn and just get the video lessons and practice sheets that build to that skill.  No extra exercises.  No wasted time.


KLOPOL PIANO ACADEMY is the only formal, standards-based online piano certification program. Klopol academy has taken the best parts from each of the best standardized programs from around the world and added composition, jazz, and improvisation to create this one, world-class 12-part program.

Kids' Program
  • New song with each live lesson
  • Complimentary gift card raffles in each lesson
  • Free enrollment in Klopol Piano Academy
  • Full Access to all custom courses
  • Live chat Q&A
  • Each lesson taught at 6 different levels
  • Printable PDF worksheets
  • Downloadable MP3 play-along tracks
Adults' Program
  • Live-streamed lessons
  • Full access to all custom courses
  • Free enrollment in Klopol Piano Academy
  • Hundreds of archived live lessons
  • Live chat and Q&A
  • Printable PDF worksheets
  • Downloadable MP3 play-along tracks
  • Personal feedback
picture of jamin coller

Jamin Coller


"After years of studying, performing, and teaching, I finally accepted the fact that most music teachers are willing to push reluctant students through irrelevant rudiments and boring lesson books in the fallacious name of "proper musicianship", rather than helping people engage with - and build a relationship with - the music they love.

True, there is an inexhaustible world of skills, techniques, and theory to explore, but let's not take ourselves too seriously!  We’re not curing the world’s diseases.  We’re just making cool noises at cool times, and bringing joy to our fellow humans through this weird art form of compressing packets of air.  

This isn’t magic! You can jump in and learn what you want. You CAN do at least some of it and you can’t mess it up.  The music is here and it wants to be your friend.

Music is just a foreign language, and as such, it can be as serious or as leisurely as you want.  You can dedicate your life to the language or just learn a few words - the music is here to serve us, not the other way around.

It’s insane how inaccessible most piano programs are, but I'm working to fix that with specialized programs for every learning style.  Jump in and explore.  I’ll help show you around...

Let's talk.  Let's learn.  Let's play!"