Klopol Academy Level 1


Welcome to Klopol Piano Academy, the only formal, standards-based piano certification program for kids and adults that allows students to measure their progress and compare themselves to students in music academies like Certificate of Merit or Royal Conservatory. Klopol academy has taken the best parts from each of the best standardized curricula from around the world and synthesized it into this one, world-class 12-part course. This is the first online academy that can be used as a legitimate substitute for an in-person teacher. Adults can rest assured that they are building a strong foundation, covering all aspects of becoming a great pianist. But since it was developed by the professionals who set up the award-winning "Kids Learn Piano Live" broadcasts, kids will also have a great time as they are challenged through each of the levels. Students under 16 can earn prizes as they log their practice time and submit videos to acheive each of the 12 levels to become a "super piano ninja", proficient at scales, sight reading, music theory, and all the other skills they need to be well-rounded musicians.

The Jazz portions are largely based on materials from pianist and educator Dr. Joe Gilman


LearnPianoLive has been more of a piano supplement than a teacher replacement for most. We invented Klopol academy to fix the most common hurdles and allow a larger group of people to start saving money on their piano education without sacrificing the benefits of an in-person teacher:

1 - Guidance: Our live lessons have been geared more for students whose personality drive them to be curious and discover on their own. Students who don't have specific goals, but just want to be sure they don't miss anything have needed a teacher to guide them through a step-by-step, broad-based program. Klopol Academy is that step-by-step program.

2 - Evaluation: Some students don't feel confident about their ability to self-evaluate or don't know what types of videos they should submit. They need a teacher to help them objectively assess their progress compared to a standard of progress. Klopol Academy is that objective assessment.

3 - Peace of Mind: Parents want to know their children have access to the world's top programs. Klopol Academy combines the best of the top programs. Students moving from KA to other programs should experience a seamless transition.

How It Works

Each of the 12 levels has specific milestones to achieve in several key areas of musicianship: Vocabulary, History, Technique, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Theory, Improvisation, History and Repertoire. Every skill at every level has accompanying step-by-step videos and examples, and all questions get personally answered by our team of evaluators. Each student submits his/her video recording (of any quality - production value is not important at all) of each skill at the students' current level. After the team of teachers reviews and approves submissions, that student is given that level's awards and instructions for the next level. Once a student has completed the 12th level, that student will be considered by most to be a professional pianist and should have all the necessary skills to succeed as a freshman at even any of the world's top universities.

Who Doesn't Qualify

Students who do not have internet access will not be a good fit for KA. Students who require the physical touch of a teacher to be inspired to practice should find an in-person teacher.


Fortunately for you, this program is still in beta, so we are temporarily accepting applications from students for free in exchange for an increased amount of feedback on the accessibility of the program and on the condition of their consistent (even if not excessive) practice time.