Experienced Educator

An accredited classroom teacher with over 10 years school teaching experience and 6 years with his own middle school classroom, Jamin's exciting teaching methods are fun and engaging, cultivating an adoring fan club of former students and parents!

With consistently top-performing classes, Jamin has proven his ability to inspire curiosity on nearly any topic and maintain ridiculous standards while capturing the attention and hearts of his students.

With 20 years experience as a private one-on-one music teacher, Jamin's Sacramento-based studio serves local students in-person and around the world through Skype. His teaching schedule is perpetually full with a waiting list, and his families love him.

Talented Musician

Jamin has played with, and studied under, jazz greats like pianists Joe Gilman and Jim Martinez, saxophonists Mike McMullen and Dave Liebman, and Mumbo Gumbo's drummer Rick Lotter.  After completing the Jazz Saxophone coursework at ARC, Jamin continued jazz studies at Sac State, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Jamin also has a great deal of performing experience in gospel and contemporary Christian, spending several years as the music pastor at Lifepoints Church and assisting music pastors in mega churches like Bayside, Capitol, Abundant Life and more. He has written, arranged, and conducted for the Gospel Music Workshop of America and the Sacramento Youth Symphony, accompanying Lincoln Brewster, Martha Munizzi, Tramaine Hawkins, and Joe Pace, to name a few, and the list continues to grow.


Father of Six

The softer side of Jamin's personality is always on display when he's working with kids, and he's got plenty of his own.  With 6 kids in 8 years, the Coller clan is whirlwind of love and crazy!

When they're not on an outdoors adventure, the Collers can be found jumping on the trampoline, baking some new experimental concoction, or playing their favorite board game: Disney's Scene It.

Public Speaker & Personal Counselor

As the headline speaker at conventions, seminars, and dozens of kids' camps, Jamin has developed a unique and engaging presentation style that shines through, especially when he's talking to young people.

These skills were further honed in a new direction as Jamin served several years as the director of the Sacramento Juvenile Drug Court, where he counseled, tested, and educated youth who had been arrested with substance abuse charges.


Creator, Innovator, Entrepreneur

Unable to leave a broken system alone, Jamin is always hatching new plans and piloting projects to fix, replace, or create tools that are missing, inefficient and lacking-quality.

Young Musician's Association

...allows any level of aspiring musician in the Nor Cal region to get music training, recording opportunities, and concert performance for free.

Crazy Blessed Adventures

is the husband-and-wife (but mostly wife) collaboration on the ups and downs of raising and educating 6 young kids on a single income.

Classical Masters

Jamin volunteers on the board of the Classical Masters non-profit, an all-inclusive youth music festival with additional elite Classical piano and strings competition

Quit Your Job

...And Do What You Love" was the book that accidentally grew out of the experience of franchising the Milestones Music brand and training teachers to run their own successful music studios.

Learn Piano Live

The world's first online piano classroom. Live-streamed, group piano lessons.

Non-Linear Piano

This book was the best-selling starter of it all. For the first time, adults could choose their own adventure in the journey of learning piano.

Klopol Piano Academy the first (and so far, only) online academy that can legitimately replace a certified, in-person teacher. Traditional Classical and Jazz training.


"You're Not Too Young to Build a Business", a hands-on kids economics course.

Logic books "How to Argue Unfairly" and "The Practical Guide To Honest Debate"