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Adult Piano Lessons

Every Adult's First Piano Lesson

This same lesson plays itself out over and over as new adult students come in for their first lesson. They pay $60/hr for the lecture. Here it is for you, for free:

How Adult Piano Students Differ From Kids When Taking Lessons

The majority of piano instruction is based on child students. Many teachers don't even take adult students. Taking a look at it from the teachers' perspective, you start to understand why some teachers would take that approach...and learn how to be a more productive student. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of teaching adults:

Answers to Common Questions From Adult Piano Students

You're afraid you're not normal?  Well that's the most normal thing you've said!  You adults all have the same worries and insecurities.  So before you even ask, let me answer your questions once and for all...actually I'll probably still have to remind you, because these questions are persistent!  Here are your answers:

Free Piano Lesson: Modes and Scale Alterations

Free Piano Lesson: How to Play Any Major Key

Free Piano Lesson: Circle of Fifths

Everything You Could Want to Know About Music's Periodic Table of Notes

Free Piano Lesson: Building Chords

How To Build Any Chord You Want

How To Reharmonize Any Song

Step-by-step execution of reharmonization for any song

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