Why You May Be Paying Too Much For Music Lessons

Unfortunately for your pocketbook, most teachers are charging from $130/month on up. But prerecorded lessons have their drawbacks too, which is why you chose a live teacher! But a couple teachers are experimenting with hybrid lessons – LIVE, but at the price point of the prerecorded lessons...

...live online lessons where students can interact with the teacher, like LearnPianoLive.com. But these hybrid lessons can’t do everything. Here’s what they are really good for:

1 – Beginning pianists

because the cost is SO much lower, students can take beginning piano lessons online and see if they like the instrument without sinking a ton of money into it.

2 – Convenience

for intermediate pianists who are busy people who can’t carve out either the gas money or the travel time can get lessons in their home, practicing on their piano.

3 – Scheduling

Even students who would normally be better served by a one-on-one teacher can keep up their skills during a busy phase in life and squeeze in a few lessons here or there for a fraction of the cost of private lessons.

4 – Advanced students

who don’t really require the accountability or direction of a private teacher can fill in the gaps in their playing and pick up skills to continue learning without the cost of a music babysitter.

Here’s what live online lessons for adults are NOT great for:

1 – Telling students what songs to practice

there won’t be anyone flipping the page of the piano book telling a student what song should be next for them, so students usually need to pick songs they would like to play and apply the lessons to their own songs.

2 – Physical touch

while there is definitely individualized feedback given to the students through an interactive chat, Q&A, and video reviews, students who require physical touch to learn will probably need to find an in-person teacher.

3 – Negative feedback

some people take lessons for a weekly punishment for not practicing. They like the feeling of leaving the lesson determined that “this week I’ll do better”. Because online lessons are as anonymous as the student wants to be, there will be no forced reprimands for not practicing. Students only get the accountability they ask for.

In conclusion

it’s best to have multiple teachers! Online, in-person, and others you just idolize and never even meet. Many intermediate LearnPianoLive students have individual instructors and just use LPL as a supplement to increase their theory and help guide their in-person teachers to the topics they like. The best in-person students are the ones who also learn on their own and are always bringing in outside materials for their teacher to expand on and help them analyze and apply.