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If you're an absolute beginner, literally any keyboard will work (I'd check Goodwill). They usually come in 3 sizes: 61 keys, 76 keys, and 88 keys.  The bigger the better, for longevity sake.  Eventually (after several years) you'll need all 88 keys and it will be good if they are kind of hard to press down, like a real piano ("weighted" keys).  But those are costly upgrades (semi-weighted, 88 keys are in the $500-$800 range new) and a LOT can be learned and practiced on a cheap, used keyboard.  It's not what you play on, it's how you play it.  If you're wanting to buy new, here are a few examples of appropriately-priced keyboards:


Music Stand:

Better Music Stand:

Tabletop Music Stand:

Recording Microphone:

My Microphone:

My USB Microphone:







Pick Holder

Wall Hanger:

My Guitar Rack:

Acoustic Guitar:


Here are some electric drum pads that you could learn a lot on (they don't look cool, but it would take quite a while for your skill to outgrow them):

These are the next step up. I have a couple students who have these and are very happy with them:

Here's a beginner acoustic set that probably wouldn't last a long time, but is decent for the money:

These are the shells in the studio (cymbals and accessories not included in this or most other sets):

Broadcasting / Recording

Moderator Headset Mic:

My Old Sound Board:

My Current Sound Board:

Video Camera:


Moderator Laptop:


Studio lights:


Broadcasting software: