Avoid Nightmare Employees Like Mine

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in finding great employees it’s this...

... If I have to motivate you, I probably don’t want to hire you. I want you here because you believe in the cause. Here’s why:

1 – John just took my time

I hired an employee to take on part of the company and make my company easier to manage. He did great work, but I had to constantly be his cheerleader. I want teammates, not therapy clients. Get off your butt and take an interest!

2 – Gus avoided the extra mile

I didn’t have to cheerlead this guy. He was easy to get along with and represented the company well. But God forbid we have any kind of crisis or clarify expectations. This guy is the reason for our handbook. It might as well be called the Gusbook. He literally didn’t refill the toilet paper when he was done. So we made a rule. You have to stock supplies you use the last of. Gus saw this as a “change in his contract.” What a pain in the butt!

3 – Sue was unpredictable

Again, great worker. She didn’t need a cheerleader, and since she was a decent human who didn’t need her mommy to refill the toilet paper she rolled with changes. But she didn’t care what was on the schedule. We’ve got the big annual event tomorrow, but she’s gonna take her time off anyway. Come on, Sue. Be a person. Ever hear of the golden rule?

In conclusion

Find employees who want a higher position in the same company. If their job is as high as they’re going to aspire, you’re probably in for a therapy session, a nannying job or a huge event you’ll have to take on yourself.