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Free Piano Lesson: How to Reharmonize (use cool chords) for songs like Love Me Tender

How to find unique chords (reharmonize) for songs, using "Aura Lee" (also known as "Love Me Tender") as an example.

Piano cover and tutorial for You Matter To Me from Waitress

You Matter to Me, Waitress sheet music and piano tutorial

Originally from the broadway musical "Waitress" featuring Drew Gehling and Jessie Mueller, then re-recorded by Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets, play-alongs, chord charts and MIDI files you could want to play this awesome song...

Free Piano Lesson: Reharmonizing Amazing Grace on the fly

In this lesson we apply principles for reharmonizing songs (changing the chords while keeping the flow of the song). We're working with Amazing Grace and testing out the chord substitutions for the first time with you, in the live lesson

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Page Rank Instructions

To Do List for Search Engine Optimization and Google page ranking

60 Second Lesson 201 - Minor Latin Bass

60-Second Lesson 201

60 Second Piano Lesson

60 Second Lesson 203 - Accented Notes

60-Second Lesson 203

Accented Notes

60 Second Lesson 204 - Gb Major

60-Second Lesson 204

Gb Major

60 Second Lesson 206 - Piano Man

60-Second Lesson 206

Piano Man

60 Second Lesson 211 - Sir Duke

60-Second Lesson 211

Sir Duke

November/December 2016 Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest!
Everybody wins - enter today!

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