Hard Love by Need To Breathe – vocal and piano cover by Kendra Dantes

How to play "Hard Love" on piano, originally by Need To Breathe


Here are all the notes, chords, lead sheets, and chord charts you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...


I am so excited to be covering this song by the amazing Need to Breathe Christian rock band. Here’s the story on how I first heard of this amazing band! In October 2017 I competed among 10 very talented finalists in the Sacs Got Talent competition. This annual competition is put on by the dedicated organization Kids Helping Kids. The prize for winning the talent competition is to get to perform my original song, “Prisoner” as the opener for Need To Breathe at the Harris Center on January 11th, 2018. I am so incredibly honored to have this opportunity! I am grateful to all the hard working people at Kids Helping Kids and Sacs Got Talent. I heard that the Harris Center holds 850 people and that the tickets for the show are nearly sold out. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate everyone who supports me in trying to reach my dreams… my friends and family, my piano teacher Jamin, my voice teachers (my Nonni and Ms Emily and recently Ms Jessica) and each and every one of my 2000 subscribers on Youtube. The GALA event is only about a month away, I can hardly wait!!

Click here for the chord chart lead sheet

Here's Kendra's performance: