Hate You More by Madilyn Bailey – acoustic cover by Kendra Dantes

How to play "Hate You More" on piano, originally by Madilyn Bailey


Here are all the notes, chords, lyrics, lead sheets and chord charts you could want to play this awesome song just like Kendra...


I started my own Youtube channel about a year and a half ago. The first song I ever covered on my own Youtube channel was Wiser by Madilyn Bailey. I have been following her on Youtube for a long time, watching her channel grow and grow. She has over 4 M followers now. She’s such an ispiration to me because she is doing what she loves and making her dreams come true by doing her music. She also sings and plays piano like I do! Thank you so much for watching my cover and for supporting my music! Maybe one day my dreams will come true too!

Click here for the chord chart lead sheet

Here's Kendra's performance: