Online Piano Lessons for Beginner Adults: What? Who? Why?

First - what problems do we solve?

1. Time – First, there’s no travel time. Second, if something comes up and you can’t make it to a lesson, there’s no problem – you can just watch the lesson in our archives and hopefully catch the next one live.

2. Money - at a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons, we hope we can open up the piano journey to anyone who is considering playing the piano with their own, personal instructor answering their questions in each lesson.

3. Frustration – we’re not in your face each week babysitting your practice time. On the weeks you’re too busy to practice, you can jump in the lesson and start back up, guilt-free!

4. Variety – With our guest teachers, you get a variety of perspectives you won’t get if you’re paying more money for traditional lessons with just one teacher.


Who is the best fit?

1. Tech-willing – our students range from 6 to 78 years old; IT professionals to self-proclaimed tech illiterates. The one thing they all have in common: they’re all willing to try. The truth is, anyone who can watch a YouTube video or send an email is tech-savvy enough to take lessons at

2. Self-directed – The thing we don’t provide is forced accountability. We’re not going to be checking up on you each week and get on your case for not practicing. We’re just here to inspire you to practice the things you already wanted play and show you how you can improve them.


Why do we do it?

1. To spread the love of the journey that is learning piano! We are the antidote to terrible piano teachers. Despite the constant stream of consultants telling us we can raise our price, we want to make inspiring lessons that are cheap enough for any excited pianist and cheap enough that pianists who never saw themselves as “talented” will try it out and catch the excitement

2. There is no #2. We are laser-focused on inspiring students! (Honestly, though, we also hope our success will inspire good teachers to up their game and scare bad teachers into a different profession.)