World’s First Interactive Broadcast Piano Lessons Launch in Sacramento

While schools continue to cut funding for music programs, Sacramento-based recently launched the world's first online piano classroom. Providing a safe, entertaining place for kids to learn music, KidsLearnPianoLive is already reaching students from America to Asia, and at less than a quarter of the price of private music lessons.

For $25 per month, students between 7 and 13 years old log in to the website each Sunday night at 6:30pm PST to watch veteran pianist and educator Jamin Coller teach that week's song. Students ask their questions through the secure online chat room and get their answer from Jamin on the spot. With six different levels taught in each lesson, students from absolute beginners to professional pianists can follow along and learn how to play the song at their level. Students are also entertained by many weekly features throughout the lesson like the video of the week, interactive website of the week, student mailbag, and the weekly raffle where students use their daily practice points to try to win a $10 gift card.

In addition, there is a new student in the studio each week, learning the song for the first time so the kids at home can see how much they should be progressing throughout the lesson. Students then download the music and a custom play-along track to practice that week's song after the lesson. To earn prizes, students are encouraged to practice using the ten minute countdown clock at the website, where they listen during their practice for a new secret code each day.

For students over the age of 13, the music education company is piloting, where teens and adults learn at 3 different levels. The cost is $19.95 per month while in beta.

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