YMA Launches; Provides Elementary Music Education Resource Base

YMA Launches; Provides Elementary Music Education Resource Base


April 1, 2016 – It's not often, anymore, that kids get offered the chance to play in a band they really enjoy, but one Sacramento area program is looking to change that. The Young Musicians Association is bridging the gap that has been left as so many schools have been forced to cut back music programs, and they're looking to do it all without charging the students or their families.

“It's not fair that a growing number of young people lack access to a quality music program,” said spokesperson Jamin Coller. “We want to fix that and then take the experience to a whole new level.”

By matching kids with voluntary music mentors and other peers who love the same style of music, the Young Musicians Association is creating experiences not offered anywhere else: community bands, performance in live concerts, and even recording time in a professional recording studio.

The program also serves as a music education resource base available to anyone under 18 in northern California who can make a one-time trip to Sacramento for the recording and the concert. Jamin Coller, founder of the live streaming elementary music education site KidsLearnPianoLive.com, is already experienced in using technology to ignite a passion for the arts in young musicians. As a partner of YMA, he plans to enable students to meet with instructors online through services such as Skype or Facetime and stream all the events live on the internet for friends and family to watch out of state and around the world. The Young Musicians Association expects to be open for signups, teaching, recording and practice year round. Concerts will be hosted every three months, each featuring up to 30 bands.

Kids and volunteers can sign up starting today at http://www.YoungMusiciansAssociation.org On Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Young-Musicians-Association-987097588039989/

Media Contact: Jamin Coller (916) 259-3639